My Private SUN collection
Sun Records, The Rocking Years (12 LP)SUN/Charly (UK)
Put your cat clothes on
Come on little mama
Ooby dooby
I feel like rockin'
Rockin' with my baby
We wanna boogie
The chains of love
Whole lotta shakin'
Shake around
Willing and ready
Your lovin' man
SUNBOX 106-1
SUNBOX 106-2
SUNBOX 106-3
SUNBOX 106-4
SUNBOX 106-5
SUNBOX 106-6
SUNBOX 106-7
SUNBOX 106-8
SUNBOX 106-9
SUNBOX 106-10
SUNBOX 106-11
SUNBOX 106-12
Sun Records, The Country years (10 LP)SUN/Bear Family
Slim Rhodes
Harmonica Frank, various
Howard Seratt, Carl Perkins, various
Malcolm Yelvington, various
Charlie Feathers, M.S. Wimberley, e.a
Miller Sisters, Cast King
Warren Smith
Warren Smith, Ernie Chaffin
Mack Self, Onie Wheeler, e.a.
Johnny Cash, Tommy Blake, e.a
BFX 15211-1
BFX 15211-2
BFX 15211-3
BFX 15211-4
BFX 15211-5
BFX 15211-6
BFX 15211-7
BFX 15211-8
BFX 15211-9
BFX 15211-10
Sun Records, Into the sixties (8 LP)SUN/Charly
Feel so good
The Jackson Connection
Keepers of the flame
One more Memory
Betcha gonna like it
Cadillac man
Frank, this is it
SUN International
SUNBOX 109-1
SUNBOX 109-2
SUNBOX 109-3
SUNBOX 109-4
SUNBOX 109-5
SUNBOX 109-6
SUNBOX 109-7
SUNBOX 109-8
The Sun Story (Series)
Johnny Cash (Volume 1)
Charlie Rich (Volume 2)
Carl Perkins (Volume 3)
Roy Orbison (Volume 4)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Volume 5)
Carl Mann (Volume 6)
Warren Smith (Volume 7)
Sunnyvale 9330 901
Sunnyvale 9330 902
Sunnyvale 9330 903
Sunnyvale 9330 904
Sunnyvale 9330 905
Sunnyvale 9330 906
Spotlight SPO 132
The Legendary Sun Performers (Series)
Carl Mann
Billy Lee Riley
Warren Smith
Rosco Gordon
Howlin' Wolf
Junior Parker and Billy "Red" Love
Sonny Burgess
Charly CR 30130
Charly CR 30131
Charly CR 30132
Charly CR 30133
Charly CR 30134
Charly CR 30136
Charly CR 30135
Various Labels
Andy Anderson, You shake me up
Eddie Bond, Early days
Eddie Bond, Greatest Country Gospel hits
Edwin Bruce, Rock boppin' baby
Sonny Burgess, V'3 (volume 3)
Sonny Burgess, Classic recordings (2CD)
Johnny Carroll, Crazy hot rock
Johnny Cash, Rock island line
Johnny Cash, The best of Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash, Unforgettable
Johnny Cash, King of country (1)
Johnny Cash, King of country (2)
Johnny Cash, Folk songs of trains...
Jack Earls, Let's bop
Charlie Feathers, Rockabilly's main man
Charlie Feathers, Wild wild party
Frank Frost, Hey boss man!
Frank Frost, Ride w. your daddy tonight
Rosco Gordon, Let's get high
Bill Justis, Rockin' maestro
B.B. King, Everyday I have the blues
Dickey Lee, I saw Linda yesterday
Jerry Lee Lewis and Friends, Duets
Jerry Lee Lewis and his pumping piano
Jerry Lee Lewis, Rare (volume 2)
Jerry Lee Lewis, The original
Jerry Lee Lewis, Greatest hits
Jerry Lee Lewis, Rock indeed! (2 LP)
Jerry Lee Lewis, Rockin' with Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee Lewis, The best of Jerry Lee
Sleepy Labeef, Beefy rockabilly
Carl Mann, 14 Unissued sides
Carl Mann, Like .... Mann
The Million Dollar quartet
Roy Orbison, The SUN years (2LP)
Roy Orbison, At the Rockhouse
Roy Orbison, The Big "O"
Orion, Rockabilly
Carl Perkins, Hillbilly jukebox
Carl Perkins, Boppin' the blues
Carl Perkins, Put your cat clothes on
Carl Perkins, The original
Carl Perkins, The best of Carl Perkins
Barbara Pittman, I need a man
Barbara Pittman, The original SUN sides
Johnny Powers, Rock! Rock! Rock!
Elvis Presley, The SUN collection
Charlie Rich, Lonely weekends
Charlie Rich, Hits & midnight demos
Charlie Rich, SUN's golden treasures
Charlie Rich, The Original
Charlie Rich, Time for tears
Billy Lee Riley & The Little Green Men
Billy Lee Riley, SUN Sound Special
Billy Riley, Classic recordings (2CD)
Dane Stinit, Original SUN recordings
Hayden Thompson, Fairlane rock
Hayden Thompson, Funny how time slips
Onie Wheeler, Onie's bop
Sunjay/CD SJCD 592
Sunjay SJLP 574
Star-Club 33
Bear family BFX 15194
Charly/SUN LP 1039
Bear family BCD 15525
Charly CR 30241
Charly/SUN LP 1047
CeDe Int. CD 66038
DGR 1003
100 160
100 161
MU 1320
Bear family BFX 15273
Charly CR 30161
Southern SRCD57631
Charly/SUN CRM 2011
Charly CRB 1103
Charly CDCH 213
SUN (France) 662073
Happy Days 260 6222
Star-Club 33- 8039
Charly/SUN LP 1002
Charly CR 300002
Charly CR 300007
Charly CR 30111
Negram SPLO 123
Festival ALBUM 242
Mercury 6336 300
World Star CD 99036
Charly CR 30145
Charly/SUN CRM 2006
Yest. Gold YDG764616
Charly/SUN CDX 4
Charly CRM 2007
Charly CR 30008
SUN 841572 -2
SUNBOX 101-1
SUNBOX 101-2
SUNBOX 101-3
Charly CR 30110
World Star CD 99039
Bear family BFX 15359
Rockhouse LPM 8307
Roller Coaster 2010
Charly CR 300004
Charly/SUN CDX 10
Charly CR 30112
Bear family BFX 15272
Charly CR 30151
Bear family BCD 15444
Bear family BFX 15337
Bear family BFX 15263
Magnum Force 1.059
Bear family BCD 15542
Various Artists (Charly Records)
Good ole Memphis country
Rabbit action
Rockabilly blues
Rock 'n' roll pills
Hot Southern Boppers
Hop, flop & fly
Rockabilly tunes
Shake around with ...
Country Rock Sides
Sunset special
More Sundown rockers
After the hop
Feel like rockin'
SUN blues archives, Blue guitar (1)
SUN blues archives, Bootin' boogie (2)
SUN blues archives, Deep harmony (3)
Delta rhythm kings, Roots vol.3
Sunset soul, Roots of rock vol.6
More rebel rockabilly, Roots  vol.9
Rockabilly sundown, Roots vol.13
Raunchy rockabilly, SUN sound special
Memphis beat, SUN sound special
Rock 'n' roll lives forever (2 LP)
SUN's gold hits
Union Avenue breakdown, Roots vol.12
Unissued Sun Masters
Charly/SUN LP 1016
Charly/SUN LP 1018
Charly/SUN LP 1019
Charly/SUN LP 1023
Charly/SUN LP 1024
Charly/SUN LP 1025
Charly/SUN LP 1026
Charly/SUN LP 1029
Charly/SUN LP 1031
Charly/SUN LP 1035
Charly/SUN LP 1036
Charly/SUN LP 1037
Charly/SUN LP 1038
Charly/SUN LP 1060
Charly/SUN LP 1061
Charly/SUN LP 1062
Charly CR 30103
Charly CR 30106
Charly CR 30116
Charly CR 30128
Charly CR 30147
Charly CR 30149
Charly CRLP 1982
Charly CRM 2010
Charly CR 30127
Charly CPCD 8137
Various Artists (Redita Records)
The Sound of Rockabilly
Rock from Memphis
Memphis rocks the country
Shelby County Country
Fernwood Rock and Roll
Rock and roll blues
Rock and roll fever
Cotton chopper country
Step it up and go
Redita RLP 102
Redita RLP 102
Redita RLP 104
Redita RLP 110
Redita RLP 119
Redita RLP 124
Redita RLP 125
Redita RLP 126
Redita RLP 130
Redita made a big mistake, the first 2 records mentioned have the
same number, but they are two completely different albums!
Various Artists (Various Labels)
Rock around the town
CBS Rockabilly Stars vol.1 & 2
The SUN story (2 LP)
Memphis Saturday night
Slippin' & Slidin'
The SUN country collection (2CD)
The SUN rockabilly collection (2CD)
The SUN rock and roll collection (2CD)
The SUN blues collection (2CD)
The Memphis country collection (2CD)
The Memphis rockabilly collection (2CD)
The Memphis rock and roll collection (2CD)
That'll flat git it! Vol. 16
That'll flat git it! Vol. 17
Bop Cat BCLP 700
Epic BL 37619
SUN/U.K. 6641 180
Zu-Zazz Z 2005
Free Rec. FRE 90001
Disky/SUN DCD 2501
Disky/SUN DCD 2502
Disky/SUN DCD 2503
Disky/SUN DCD 2504
Disky/Memphis 02
Disky/Memphis 04
Disky/Memphis 06
Bear family 16311AH
Bear family 16405AH
45rpm Extended Plays (EP)
Sonny Burgess
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash
Jerry Lee Lewis
Roy Orbison
Junior Parker
Carl Perkins
Carl Perkins
Charlie Rich
Billy Lee Riley
Warren Smith
Rufus Thomas
Charly CEP103
Charly CEP108
Charly NG 585
Charly CEP105
Charly CEP111
Charly CEP104
Charly CEP120
Charly CEP106
Charly CEP107
Charly CEP112
Charly CEP113
Charly CEP101

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